Planetarium and Observatory

The Ventspils Creativity House was founded on the 2nd of September 2010 on 11 Maiznieku street. It is the location of Latvia’s largest and most modern digital planetarium in the Baltic region, with an observatory equipped with a modern telescope.

The planetarium and observatory is not only meant to satisfy the knowledge and curiosity of students, it will also be used as a summer school for astronomers. In order to improve and develop materials and exchange experience, close contacts have been established with the planetariums of Vienna, Klagenfurt (Austria), Rijeka (Croatia), Lund (Sweden).

Latvia’s largest and most modern digital planetarium in the Baltic region

The dome of the planetarium is 8 meters in diameter. The planetarium can simultaneously host a group of up to 40 people. It uses special software, which demonstrates 360 degree films and unique star shows.

The duration of one session is 45 – 50 minutes. The sessions take place every day. The session content is continuously changed in order to keep it interesting for the visitors, and to create a desire to return and discover new secrets of the Universe.

We request that the visitors consider the schedule of sessions at the planetarium.

Ticket reservation (compulsory) by phone: +371 636 22805!

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Ventspils observatory

The observatory, which is located in the roof of the Creativity House, is equipped with a high quality telescope, which can be used by any visitor to view planets, their moons and nebulas in the dark hours of the day. It is also possible to view the Sun, through special filters during the bright hours of the day, just like professional astronomers.

The duration of one session is 30 – 40 minutes, which take place every day. During these sessions it is possible to look at the Sun, stars, planets, as well as visit an educational presentation on the news in astronomy.

* Observations depend on weather
* Ticket reservation by phone: +371 636 22805!