Due to an emergency situation (until 11 January 2022) Sunday, Monday: closed!

Tuesday – Friday:

10:00  Movie “Constellations”

11:00  Cartoon “Khrumka’s Adventures in the Winter Forest”

12:00  Movie “The hot and energetic Universe”

13:00 Film “Phantom of the Universe”

15:00  Cartoon “Beyond The Sun”

16:00  Cartoon “Khrumka and the Magic rocket”

17:00  Movie “Our Violent Planet”

18:00  Movie “FireFall” (New!!!)

19:00  Movie “From Earth to the Universe”


10:00 Film “From Earth to the Universe”
11:00 Cartoon “Khrumka’s adventures in the winter forest”
12:00 Film “The hot and energetic Universe”
13:00 Film “Our violent Planet”
15:00 Cartoon “Beyond the Sun”
16:00 Cartoon “Khrumka and the magic rocket”
17:00 Film “FireFall” (New!!!)

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